First Deployment of Shark Researcher in Morotai

Grey Shark In Morotai

Grey Shark In Morotai

As planned earlier in the end 2013, Shark Diving Indonesia has widely offered opportunities to conduct joint-researchs with university’s student in Indonesia to observe shark behavior and ecology through social media and diving forum. However, not more than 20 students followed up by sending their CVs and academic transcripts.  Some of them then disqualified due to the  GPA passing grade set by Shark Diving Indonesia. However, the interview is held to select the best candidate – only those who have good credentials is selected.

Fahmi Yunizar is the first student researcher who has an opportunity to working with us to research the shark ecology. His final project titled “The dynamics of Reef Shark Population and Its Relation to the Physical Parameters in Morotai Islands Water, Maluku Utara” has been proposed to his final project lectures’ panel in University of Padjajaran, Bandung.  Fahmi Yunizar holds PADI Advance Open Water Diver Certification has been dive for 24 times before he joined this research. His passion in Diving and Marine Sciences bring him as the first reef shark behavior researcher in Indonesia, providing that the Whale Shark is exclude from the counting, due to its categorized as a pelagic rather than reef creatures.

Shark's Researcher Student - Fahmi Yunizar

Shark’s Researcher Student – Fahmi Yunizar

Fahmi will conduct the research in Morotai from 21th February to 23rd March 2014 and he is expected to conduct at least 60 dives before finish his final project. His research will be performed in at least four location: Tanjung Dahegila Timur Wall, Terminal Gurango, Greyshark Point Kokoya, and Blacktip Point Mitita. Lucky him, that during his research, Shark Diving Indonesia is also conduct videographing work as part of Deep and Extreme Indonesia 2014 exhibition preparation, so he has an opportunity to cover more area of research than its previously planned including Tabailenge Island, Sangowo-Wewemo, and possibly Rao Island as well as those four locations. Shark Diving Indonesia will support him on all of his expense in Morotai including accomodation, meals, scuba diving expenses, as well as the transportations in Maluku Utara. As addition, Shark Diving Indonesia also offers him to contribute himself in writing a paper following his research in Morotai, and eager him to conduct other research in the near future on other subjects related to marine sciences.

Shark Diving Indonesia will always support Indonesian young researchers to do the study in Morotai on shark behavior and ecology in the shake of knowledge and sciences.

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