Underwater Treasure of Indonesia

Underwater Treasure of Indonesia

Underwater Treasure of Indonesia

Shark Diving Indonesia has participated in the Underwater Treasure of Indonesia Academic Seminar in Bale Santika, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, 24th April 2014. The seminar is conducted by  Marine Science Student Unit, Universitas Padjdjaran in order to promote to underwater treasure as a new eco-tourism focus.

Fahmi Yunizar represented Shark Diving Indonesia in this seminar with his presentation on how Shark Diving Indonesia promoting the shark diving activities, actively participate in shark conservation and working together with Universities to reserach the shark. “many Indonesian don’t know about the existence of shark diving in Indonesia. Indonesian must not go abroad just to dive with shark. By going abroad, the money will go the host country where the shark diving is presented.” he replied.

 “We must take benefit from our underwater resources in order to preserve as well as to increase its added value.” said Mikael Prastowo, speaker from Yayasan Terumbu Karang (Terangi) when he asked about the underwater treasure of Indonesia. He insisted that the availability of coral reefs in Indonesia (590 species as he mentioned, and will be more) can be benefited by our next generation. Rendra Hertiadi and Michael Nicholson from Jakarta Wreck Diver stressed the important of preserving the Wreck Site, for both the scientific value as well as the income from wreck diving.

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