Halmahera Walking Shark in Morotai

New species identified in 2013 now is also found in Morotai, separated from Halmahera by Tobelo Straits (depth down to more than 500 m) with the closest width approximately 20 km. The same species is confirmed by Dr. Fahmi from LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) September 22th, 2014. However, the identification can only be ensured by the analysis of the specimen or DNA of this species.  This species is normally active during the night, therefore if you want to see this creatures, a night dive would be preferred.

Hemischyllium halmahera

Hemischyllium halmahera

Abundancy, habitat, and behavior of this walking shark is currently investigate by our research team (lead by Muhammad Ichsan, University of Padjadjaran Marine Science’s alumnus).

Hemischyllium halmahera in Morotai

Hemischyllium halmahera in Morotai


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