Sidemount Diving

Sidemount Diving in Morotai

Sidemount Diving in Morotai

Starting September 2014 we offer a rental of the Sidemount BCD and Harness for  Sidemount Diver. We have three (3) Sidemount systems available in Morotai (RAZOR, APEX, and DIVERITE). Our dive guide will help you to customize the Sidemount system fit to your body size. Please contact us for sidemount diving in Morotai.

The Razor Side Mount System is a complete integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. It can be used for both cold water diving with Drysuits and Steel tanks and warm water diving with Wetsuits and Aluminium tanks.

There is no substitute for experience and finding out what really works in practice rather than just in theory.

The development and testing process of the Razor Side Mount System has taken several years and hundreds of Side Mount dives under real world conditions with most dives being conducted in the cave environment by some of the world’s most experienced side mount divers and cave explorers. The last test dives for example were conducted by Steve Bogaerts and Bil Phillips using side mount plus 4 stages and 2 scooters each for extended cave exploration dives in Sistema Ox Bel Ha.

Deep Sea Supply are manufacturing the Razor Side Mount System and bring their long track record and reputation for excellence and reliability in the manufacture of technical diving equipment.


The Nomad XT is built with the ultimate streamlining in mind. A properly balanced sidemount rig should not require additional weight on the shoulders. Divers who wear heavy tanks or those just getting started with sidemount will often opt this older solution to resolve trim issues. Seeing this makeshift solution in the field, we redesigned our offroad sidemount rig with a new, wing design. Narrow at the neck and angled at the sides with more lift added to the bottom, the Nomad XT wing is designed to give lift where its most needed – at the hips.

We’ve also moved the inflator to the center, behind the neck and added an additional OPV to the bottom so divers who wish to swap these can now do so and retain an OPV dump at the bottom of the wing for safe gas dumping when inverted.

Made with a super-tough exterior and modular flexibility, the outer panels of the wing are engineered using SuperFabric® brand


Sidemount Diving in Galela Underwater Volcano

Sidemount Diving in Galela Underwater Volcano

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