Eagle Ray finds its way

Whitespotted Eagle Ray whipped its way

Whitespotted Eagle Ray whipped its way

Despite being famous for shark diving and wreck diving, unsurprisingly, Morotai is also home to Eagle Ray. Especially in the area of Kokoya Island – both west and south side of Kokoya Island.

Eagle Ray, white spotted eagle ray to be precise, are present in Morotai Sea – as well as all around Indonesia. However, to encounter this creature sometimes is difficult. Aetobatus narinari is the latin name for white spotted eagle ray. The key features of this Eagle Ray are: Dorsal disc surface with numerous white spots, snout moderately long, broadly rounded, nasal curtain deeply notched, teeth in a single row in both jaws, chevron shaped.

Sway, sway little eagle ray..

Sway, sway little eagle ray..

Even its rarely grown more than 200 cm, Whitespotted Eagle Ray can grow up to 330 cm, with males are mature at 110-120 cm. They can be found both inshore or semipelagic and near atolls, as well as in offshore. They are viviparous, with histotrophy, give birth to litters of 2-4 pups after an unknown gestation period. Their diet consists primarily of bivalves, as well as gastropods, worms, small fishes, crustaceans, and cephalopods.

If you want to see them, please come and contact us – however no 100% guarantee of sighting.

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