Seahorses Facts

Following are the facts related to Seahorses:

  1. Only male seahorses that gestate the young – in a brood pouch
  2. Seahorses don’t have any teeth so they suck the prey via vacuum mechanism in their shot tubular gut
  3. The eyes of seahorses have ability to move independently of each other – imagine the mantis shrimps
  4. Seahorses have the FASTEST recorded suction feeding of all fishes
  5. Their preys are small micro-crustaceans, copepods and mysid shrimps
  6. Seahorses is poor swimmer, they just drift the current!
  7. Seahorses is the slowest-swimming fish in the sea
  8. Seahorse’s digestive system allow quick food metabolism, therefore they eat frequently
  9. Seahorse’s body consists of interlocking bony plates
  10. Their latin name Hippocampus means “horse seamonster”
  11. The baby seahorses have body length from 2 mm to 8 mm
  12. Seahorses can grow 10 times within 4 months
  13. The life expectancy of seahorses varies – the longer its body length the longer their life. Life white seahorses is once observed life as long as 6 years.
  14. Most seahorses found in less than 20 m sea depth
  15. Male pygmie seahorse usually use less spaces than female
  16. Pygmie seahorse – hippocampus bargibanti – only found in 13.7% of all sea fans
  17. Denise’s seahorse – hippocampus denise – found only in 3.9% of gorgonians
  18. Thorny seahorse – hippocampus histrix – are glowing in the dark

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