Wreck Dive

Wreck of Truck in Lapangan Pante

Wreck of Truck in Lapangan Pante

Though it is well-known for its historical heritage, Morotai currently have limited locations of wreck diving. One of them is Lapangan Pante, situated just close to Lapangan Pitu Airport, near Wama (from history, apparently, American’s Troops named this location = Guama). Lapangan Pante had trucks and willy’s jeep underwater until 2012 when it is already gone (some tought that it was scavenged by iron-seeker and smelted in for re-use purpose). Yet, there are two aircraft’s wrecks (Bristol Bueford) lying on the sea bed at 40-47 m depths.

Depth : 30 – 50 m
Visibility : 5-25 m (morning would likely be more clearer)
Current : 0 – 1 knots (mostly 0.5 knots)
Waves : 0 – 2 m (depends on weather and seasons, mostly calm 0.25 m)
Minimum Certification Level : Advance Diver or equivalent with Deep Dive experiences, only if weather, current are fine
Pelagic : Sweetlips, Butterfly Fishes, Groupers, Snapers, Napoleon, Bumphead, Fuseliers, Surgeon Fishes, Many Macors as well in the coral reefs

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