Specialty Diver

There must be some area of diving that particularly interests you – let us help you to develop your skills in this area and expand your knowledge. Our instructors now offer you the complete range of PADI specialties.

Specialty Class include:
1. Sidemount Diver,
2. Enhanced Air Nitrox Diver,
3. Underwater Naturalist Diver,
4. AWARE Shark Conservation Diver,
5. Digital Underwater Photographer,
6. Underwater Videographer,
7. Drift Diver,
8. Deep Diver,
9. Wreck Diver
10. Night Diver
11. Underwater Navigation Diver
12. Underwater Search and Rescue Diver

Specialties are available in conjunction with beach dives, daytrips or Morotai boat dives.

Start from IDR 2,500,000.00 (if there is a group student diver of more than 6 (six) persons at the same training day)

How long to get certified as PADI Specialty Diver?
1. Minimum 2 (two) training days

Course includes:
1. PADI Specialty Diver Book and PIC (Certification Registration to PADI)
2. Confined (Open) Water and Open Water Sessions
3. Class Session(s), Quizzes, and Exams
4. One (1) Bonus Fun Dive after all sessions finished
5. Lunches/Drinks/Refreshment during the Open Water Sessions
6. One (1) T-Shirt of Shark Diving Indonesia

1. 10 years old or other specified in PADI Instructor Manual (depending on the course)
2. Open Water Scuba Diver or the similar level certified

1. Please book in advance (2 month before) for Enhance Air Nitrox Diver.

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