Shark Diving Indonesia is the pioneer and first diving operator established in Daruba Morotai Island, North Mollucas, Indonesia since September 2013. It is aimed to support local capabilities in both recreational diving, tourism, and natural conservation as well as to assist our guests to explore the pristine underwater sceneries around Morotai.

Indonesia as one of the countries where shark catch still exists, should turn its role to the country that supports shark conservation. It’s abundance on sharks – from the small walking shark up to a big whale shark should be kept for generations. Shark Diving Indonesia supports all efforts in shark conservation either locally in Morotai, a nation-wide movement in Indonesia, or other international efforts. Shark Diving Indonesia  welcome you to dive with shark and share some of our revenue to local community, in form of diving education, local capacity building, and marine life conservation. Shark Diving Indonesia working closely with other Diving Operators in other area to promote dive tourism and campaign together to promote the tourism as well as diving knowledge.

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