Land Attraction

American Troop Landing - 1944

American Troop Landing – 1944

As the historical legacy from WW II have been decayed, the natural attraction starts to take shape in Morotai. In term of the sustainability this is a good news if the local government of Morotai Regency looks for new tourist destination over 1,800 km sequare of land in Morotai. It is believed that there are many beautiful jungle or waterfalls inside the mainland that can be explored as new tourist destination. Potential of bird watching tourism is also attractive – given that Morotai has at least six endemic birds.

It is just 30 years ago when Sergeant Teruo Nakamura appeared for the first time from the tropical jungle in the slope of Mount Galoka Morotai, he later passed away in the midway to his country, Japan. Left as a solely member of Japanese Troops in the jungle from 1944, 9 other members surrendered to TNI (Indonesian National Forces) in 1959, Nakamura could survived for the next 15 years after his comrades. This means that Morotai jungle is a sustainable natural resources that can be benefited for life.

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